Waiting for the Bird Ceremony to begin in celebratory garb at the main temple on Nusa Penida, in Ped.

The Ped temple, a short walk away from the bird sanctuary. The carving is amazing, white limestone, different from the stone on Bali.
Seaweed farms ring the island. A beautiful coral reef is just beyond that. Crystal Bay at sunset. This is the best snorkeling ever!

Our "Swiss Family Robinson" home for 5 days. I saw a Mollucan Lorrie fly by. Alex is wondering, what did I sign up for?

Nusa Penida Cave Temple

Temple attire is required

Nusa Penida - at the bird sanctuary

The Island Girls Tour Company, or how to make extra money on summer break. We visited all over the island with these three lovelies

3 Hour slow boat to Nusa Penida Island

Sanur, Bali Sculpture