Waiting for the Bird Ceremony to begin in celebratory garb at the main temple on Nusa Penida, in Ped.

The Ped temple, a short walk away from the bird sanctuary. The carving is amazing, white limestone, different from the stone on Bali.
Seaweed farms ring the island. A beautiful coral reef is just beyond that. Crystal Bay at sunset. This is the best snorkeling ever!

Our "Swiss Family Robinson" home for 5 days. I saw a Mollucan Lorrie fly by. Alex is wondering, what did I sign up for?

Nusa Penida Cave Temple

Temple attire is required

Nusa Penida - at the bird sanctuary

The Island Girls Tour Company, or how to make extra money on summer break. We visited all over the island with these three lovelies

3 Hour slow boat to Nusa Penida Island

Sanur, Bali Sculpture


Our first few days in Bali

We landed in Bali about 24 hours after leaving SF. So tired. Good thing the accommodations at the Bumi Ayum in Sanur were only a half hour away and sooo nice. This was in the “lobby”